Our values define who we are. 


A CRO is only as good as its team, and a team is only as good as its communication. PharPoint takes this methodology to heart, which is why our team works together across the hall and across the globe in active collaboration to solve challenges and advance collective goals. We are fortunate in that each teammate brings an immense amount of talent to our organization. On their own, each team member is valuable; in a coordinated effort, PharPoint is unstoppable.


Leadership is a state of action, of moving forward with purpose to create value today while building a legacy for tomorrow. Strong leadership empowers decision makers at every level which is why PharPoint Research takes an active leadership role in the industry, pushing standards forward and constantly improving therapies around the world.


We build lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients starting with a deep understanding of the challenges they face. No project is too large or too small, as our business model allows us to scale services to meet the needs of any specific project. Working as their thought partner, we help them turn their vision into reality.


Our reputation in the industry is built on excellence. In every service we provide, decision we make, and interaction we have with our clients, we perform with pride. Our commitment to utmost quality is unwavering and gives our partners confidence in us. To quote Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Quality, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”


Adhering to ethical standards of conduct is not a better way, it is the only way. We are only able to create a viable and sustainable environment for our clients and staff once we accept personal and professional responsibility for our decisions.