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PharPoint Research wins project award from Otologic Pharmaceutics

North Carolina-based CRO, PharPoint Research, today announced their award from Otologic Pharmaceutics for a full service, Phase I clinical trial assessing the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic profile of agents in the treatment of hearing loss.

“Hearing loss is the third most common physical ailment behind arthritis and heart disease,” noted Audra McRae, PharPoint’s Chief Operating Officer.  “Using our team’s experience we are excited to work on a product that potentially eases the troubles for those affected by hearing loss.”

Despite efforts to protect and preserve hearing, nearly 9 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing damage caused by noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).  There is a short timeframe to minimize the damage caused by a NIHL and this clinical program seeks to prevent permanent hearing damage through an oral regimen taken during the initial days after the noise trauma.

Otologic selected PharPoint Research for this initiative based on the organization’s extensive experience in Phase I trials, as well as their flexible and responsive management approach, tailored specifically to the trials’ needs.   Recruitment for the study is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2014.

PharPoint Research

PharPoint Research was founded with a rebellious spirit and firmly focused mission: to create an alternative to rigid, stogy, quality-compromised clinical research organizations. Born of a collaboration between three longtime colleagues with many years in the CRO industry, PharPoint Research strives to be more than the “typical” CRO that puts profits ahead of quality and clients. Our founders set out to build an organization that was reflective of their personal work ethic and passion for being involved in improving therapies around the world, not just the bottom line. Today, their passion still drives PharPoint Research. They are involved in the operations of the organization, not merely at the board level, but in working with the PharPoint team everyday to innovate and push boundaries. The ultimate goal of PharPoint Research is to show clients and the world The Better Way.