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The Conservation Fund and PharPoint Research

Each month, PharPoint Research hand-selects a non-profit to support through fund-raising and awareness building to aid in research and/or resource development. Also known as our Working Together for Change campaign, this company-wide initiative is dedicated to serving communities in need. Therefore, we are excited to announce The Conservation Fund as January’s selected non-profit for the Working Together for Change campaign.

About The Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund is a non-profit that pursues environmental preservation and economic development in the United States. Since its The Conservation Fund and PharPoint Research

inception in 1985, the organization has protected more than 7 million acres of land and water in all 50 states. Most relevant areas include parks, historic battlefields, and wild areas. In addition, The Conservation Fund works with community and governmental leaders, businesses, landowners, conservation non-profits, and other partners.

Primary Programs

In addition, The Conservation Fund operates nine programs to support its mission.

  1. Conservation Acquisition: Protecting land and water that also have high conservation value.
  2. Conservation Leadership Network: Developing networks of shared knowledge and technical skills for on-the-ground conservation solutions. Most relevant initiatives include collaborative solutions between communities and corporations.
  3. Freshwater Institute: Conducting research, development, and training in water resource management. This includes developing technology and providing engineering services for aquaculture systems.
  4. Land Conservation Loans: Providing bridge financing and real estate expertise to land trusts.The Conservation Fund and PharPoint Research
  5. Mitigation Solutions: Achieving important conservation results by protecting high-priority wildlife habitat, clean water, and recreation areas.
  6. Natural Capital Investment Fund:  Helping innovative entrepreneurs build locally-owned enterprises. Most noteworthy, this creates lasting jobs and community wealth, while using natural resources responsibly.
  7. Resourceful Communities: Assisting under-served communities protect and restore natural resources.
  8. Strategic Conservation Planning: Offering solutions that government leaders, conservationists, and others need to create systemic and lasting change in major cities, watersheds, and multi-state regions.
  9. Working Forest Fund: Acquiring and permanently protecting ecologically significant forestland. Rather, this supports forests’ role in providing clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and economic benefits for communities across America.

Get Involved

Interested in contributing to The Conservation Fund to help support their programs? There are many opportunities to suit your time and resources:

Donate: A one-time gift or monthly contributions help The Conservation Fund to conserve high priority lands.

Partnerships: The Conservation Fund partners with businesses, state and local governments, and private landowners. As a result, this helps advance social responsibility and sustainability priorities.

Join the Online Community: Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events, manage donations, and communicate with The Conservation Fund.

In conclusion, have you or someone you know worked with, or benefited from The Conservation Fund’s work? We invite you to share your experience in the comments below.

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