What I Learned During My Clinical Trial Internship

See how PharPoint’s clinical trial internship program is shaping futures for a better tomorrow.

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Pop quiz: What can a student do to gain top-notch experience, make amazing connections with innovative leaders, and get a fresh and unique perspective on the healthcare industry? I asked myself this same question, and found that the answer was quite simple – get a clinical trial internship with PharPoint Research!


Healthcare Careers: Not All White Coats and Stethoscopes 

For students who dream of breaking into a healthcare career, there’s nothing more valuable than hands-on experience. As an intern with PharPoint Research, I was able to gain exposure to the drug development business – allowing me to get a head-start on learning the industry’s terminology, procedures, and inner workings.

I am thankful that I chose PharPoint as an early start to my career search, because it helped me determine that the healthcare field was the right fit for me. So many people spend their lives searching for a job that is tailor-made for them, but my early exposure to a tight-knit and passionate clinical research organization (CRO) showed me the wide realm of job options and opportunities for career growth. While it might seem like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are the stars of the healthcare industry, there are countless other professionals that are essential in painting the bigger picture. During my clinical trial internship at PharPoint, I got to learn about the wide variety of career options available in a CRO setting, such as:

It’s All About Who You Know – And Who You Can Learn From

Working at PharPoint gave me the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from a wide variety of educational pharpoint experienced clinical teambackgrounds, and these people will be an invaluable resource in my future. PharPoint has several different departments and offers a variety of services – and this means a diverse staff with loads of experience! There are team members with over 20 years experience in various disciplines, and a plethora of PharPoint employees have PhDs. During my internship, I had a whole group of experts at my fingertips, ready and eager to answer questions and teach me new skills. These people will serve as mentors for me in the future.

Working with so many knowledgeable and talented team members has definitely made me well-versed in the drug development industry, and I’m confident that this will be a huge advantage going forward in my education. I was able to learn all about the different roles that fit into the clinical trial process, such as biostatistics, clinical operations, data management, and data standardization and warehousing. Through my internship, I came closer to deciding which specialty was right for me and my talents!


Interning at a CRO: The Catalyst for a Great Career in Healthcare

As a whole, kick-starting my career in the healthcare industry with my clinical trial internship with PharPoint Research has given me a leg up for the years to come. My internship was a major success because I gained new experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I was able to develop new strengths and skills, work with a passionate and goal-oriented team, and start learning my own career preferences.

Working with PharPoint helped me to understand all of the moving pieces that are involved in clinical trials and getting a drug to market, and gave me the opportunity to experience the team-building and excitement that happens along the way. I highly recommend the experience of working in a CRO for any high school or college student who is looking to expand his or her horizons and gain new perspectives. PharPoint’s clinical trial internship was instrumental in showing me what I want in my workplace – and my future looks bright!


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