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As pioneers of the drug development industry, biotech companies develop novel treatments with innovative science.

PharPoint Research is dedicated to supporting emerging biotechnology companies throughout the clinical research process. PharPoint’s capabilities include full-service clinical research solutions through our vendor network, functional solutions, and strategic clinical consulting services for Phase 1 to Phase 4 trials across a vast range of therapeutic areas. PharPoint’s operational and regulatory expertise and network of industry relationships ensures your study has the correct tools for efficient execution.

We’re on your team
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Founded with an entrepreneurial and consultative spirit, PharPoint isn’t just a service provider—we work as partners who build relationships on a foundation of trust and a shared mission. PharPoint holds a 92% repeat business rate, with leadership members averaging 21 years of clinical experience as of 2019.

Partnering with PharPoint Research allows growing biotech companies to expand their expertise and receive the focus and attention demanded by stakeholders. Unlike “big box” CROs, PharPoint’s top level management, including founders, are actively involved in the success of a client’s study. PharPoint’s right-sized team holds the full-service capabilities and industry experience that biotech companies appreciate in “big box” CROs, but goes further to uniquely offer clients the responsiveness and personalized focus those same CROs typically lack.

A better alternative to the “big box” option

As a privately held CRO, PharPoint isn’t focused on stakeholder satisfaction: we’re fully focused on our clients, their studies, and the participants and patients impacted by clinical research. PharPoint was founded around a strong work ethic and passion for helping clients improve global health, not just the bottom line. At PharPoint, this means an honest and transparent approach to both staffing and pricing. “Big box” CROs often pull in sponsors with bait-and-switch techniques, exchanging the experienced team a sponsor initially meets with a more junior team once the project is running. “Big box” CROs may also make unrealistic pricing assumptions, offering a low bid upfront that, by the end of a study, results in amendments that are exponentially higher than the initial price. PharPoint is honest and upfront about our pricing and the team you’ll be working with.

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