OCTOBER 2020: Infectious Disease

Industry News Round-up

What’s new in infectious disease for October 2020? In addition to continued progress and information regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, October brings forth information on predicting this seasons influenza strain, the body’s response to viral infection, and a potential rotavirus cure.

OCTOBER 13, 2020 / eLife

Combining genetic and experimental data into models about the influenza virus can help predict more accurately which strains will be most common during the next winter, says a study published recently in eLife.

OCTOBER 2, 2020 / Georgia State University 

A combination of two substances secreted by the immune system can cure and prevent rotavirus infection, as well as potentially treat other viral infections that target epithelial cells, which cover body surfaces such as skin, blood vessels, organs and the urinary tract, according to researchers.

OCTOBER 1, 2020 / University of Rochester Medical Center

Whether flu or coronavirus, it can take several days for the body to ramp up an effective response to a viral infection. New research appearing in the journal Nature Immunology describes how different cells in the immune system work together, communicate, and — in the case of cells called neutrophils — bring about their own death to help fight off infections. The findings could have important implications for the development of vaccines and anti-viral therapies.

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