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The Better Way

pharpoint CRO

PharPoint Research was founded with a rebellious spirit and a firmly focused mission: to create an alternative to rigid, unimaginative, quality-compromised clinical research organizations. Born of a collaboration between three longtime colleagues with years of experience in the CRO industry, PharPoint Research is unique from the typical CRO because we put a client’s requirements ahead of profit. Sound business ethics and profit are not mutually exclusive, and our founders have used this approach to build an organization reflective of their personal work ethic and passion for improving therapies around the world, not just the bottom line.

Today, their passion still drives PharPoint Research. While founders of other CROs are merely involved at the board level, PharPoint’s founders are integrated in the daily operations of the organization and work with the PharPoint team every day to innovate and push boundaries. PharPoint Research is continually working towards our ultimate goal: to show our clients, and the world, “The Better Way.”

The Origin of the PharPoint Name

The premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation is entitled, “Encounter at Farpoint.” With a slight spelling alteration, the name PharPoint refers to the organization’s willingness to explore, innovate, improve, and drive towards the future - to “boldly go.”