Success Stories

PharPoint’s success is built on client satisfaction and a high repeat business rate.

When the company was founded in 2007, it was founded with a mission to provide an alternative to rigid, unimaginative, and quality compromised contract research organizations. Today, we’ve supported over 1,000 clinical trials and are continuing to grow and support innovators like you through high quality services, industry-best timelines, and a transparent, client-focused approach.

Trusted by 180+ innovative companies like yours.

PharPoint is very open and supportive. If they can do it, they will, and on time, within budget.  The level of quality is second-to-none and consistent from project to project.


There is an inherent honesty and authenticity in [PharPoint’s] approach. …I have complete faith and trust in PharPoint as our partner, and that gives me confidence in the success of our clinical program.


I can highly recommend partnering with PharPoint. Not only were documents provided to our site in a timely manner, communication with all parties from the CRA to the project managers has been excellent.


We frequently (and successfully) support pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

Explore some of our recent case studies. Have questions or seeking information about how our experience aligns with your upcoming study? Reach out to our team for more information.

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Expediting Enrollment through Collaboration & Communication

A sponsor selected PharPoint to provide full-service support for a dermatology study. Study challenges included a limited number of viable investigative sites available due to timelines and equipment scarcity, along with obstacles that arose during the COVID public health crisis.

By engaging specialized, key partner collaboration, supportive site relationships, and clear communication pathways, study enrollment completed 5 months early.

A Big Rescue for a Study with the Tiniest of Patients

In this full service rescue, we took over a neonatal cardiovascular study from an underperforming CRO. Our experts worked with the sponsor to address issues with their previous CRO and set clear timelines and budget goals. This took into consideration the complexities involved in enrollment for neonatal patient populations.

PharPoint’s team recreated 7+ study plans and an additional 20+ site documents as part of this rescue.

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Providing Support Throughout the Drug Development Process

PharPoint has extensive experience supporting growing client portfolios. For one client, PharPoint has provided data management and biostatistical services for over 13 years. PharPoint was initially brought on for Phase 1 services, and provided support throughout the drug development process – including two successful NDA submissions which were approved by the FDA.

Studies varied in duration and had multiple DMCs, DSURs, and interim analyses. With numerous deliverables across differing programs, our team used frequent communication, cross functional input, and a focus on ensuring consistency to produce quality results efficiently and effectively.

Legacy Dataset Conversion & a Successful Submission and Approval

As part of a large integrated analysis involving 27 studies, PharPoint mapped 26 legacy datasets into SDTM. Re-coding was needed for 18 studies. Individual ADaM datasets were generated from the integrated ADaM datasets, and a validation of the integrated ADaM datasets used the original derived datasets as the source for the validation programming.

The result of this legacy dataset conversion and integrated analysis was a successful submission and approval.

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