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Data Management Services

For both paper and EDC based trials

With an error rate of less than 0.1%, PharPoint’s data management team instills confidence in our sponsors. We offer an array of data services for both paper and EDC based trials. Our skilled team is equipped to handle small, single site studies and large-scale, international studies.

Through reliable and secure data processes using the industry’s leading technology for data capture, we design and build databases with full consideration of study data tabulation model (SDTM) and clinical data acquisition standards harmonization (CDASH) best practices. PharPoint’s highly experienced data management and database programming teams take pride in recommending efficient data management and programming solutions for your study. All PharPoint databases are subject to the highest data quality standards and must pass a database audit.

Ongoing Data Reviews

By initiating data reviews at the beginning of and throughout a study's life cycle, we're able to address data discrepancies as they occur and send site queries immediately as opposed to waiting until the end of a study. This allows for faster timelines, a reduction of errors from site queries, and an identification of trends early on to increase patient safety. With PharPoint, database lock occurs within 5 days of last patient last visit (LPLV)—a stark contrast to the industry standard of 2-3 weeks.

Accredited Programmers

PharPoint is an accredited partner with several EDC providers, allowing us to build databases in-house instead of acting as a middleman in relaying customer specifics. This result in faster database development timelines that are not bogged down with unnecessary communication obstacles.

Communication and Collaboration

Our data management team is in constant communication with the clinical operations and biostatistics teams, disseminating and maintaining study-related knowledge across teams. This mitigates the risk of errors by establishing study objectives and assignments at the beginning of a study.

Time is often a sponsor's most limited resource, so PharPoint works diligently to deliver results faster than our competitors without compromising quality. View our standard timeline.

  • Study tools development
  • Comprehensive data management plans
  • Database development, validation, and testing
  • EDC system selection, including experience in over 17 systems and partnerships with Medrio and Medidata RAVE
  • Medical data coding
  • Global data entry, cleaning, and verification
  • Data import and data export specification preparation
  • Data processing for paper and EDC studies
  • Data standardization
  • Data management, study oversight, and consulting support

Tania Sholar, Principal Data Manager II

Tania Sholar has been in data management since 2000, with a wide breadth of therapeutic areas (including anti-viral, musculoskeletal, dermatology, oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiovascular, urology, nephrology, respiratory, immunizations, circulatory, endocrinology, and devices). Tania has been an instrumental Program Manager/Lead Data Manager in all aspects of a clinical trial, from feasibility through archiving.

Her experience spans from domestic to international Phase 1 through Post-Marketing studies including Government Grants, Patient Registries and Animal Health Studies. She has a vast knowledge, and has successfully conducted studies in many EDC platforms including Medidata Rave, Medrio, IBM Merge, Oracle InForm, Omnicomm TrialMaster, Oracle Clinical, TrialBase and ClinTrial.