A true partner should be interested in your success –

Not just your dollars.
The best CRO for your study is one that is client-centric and places your needs first. At PharPoint Research, we’re aligned with your goals and focused on leveraging our expertise to ensure the quality, validity, and safety of your study.

What makes PharPoint client-centric?

Top CROs and experience

We’re realistic, with industry-best timelines and top-quality service backed by years of experience and success story after success story.

PharPoint was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide an alternative to rigid, unimaginative, and quality compromised CROs. We’re dedicated to providing quality CRO services, and have supported 1,000+ clinical trials with a high repeat business rate.

We’re communicative, including an accessible team and the comfort of not having to wonder if you’re top-of-mind or not.

Communication is central to study success, and our team is always accessible – with clear escalation pathways when you want them. Access to our project managers, functional experts, and senior leadership is a given: you shouldn’t have to fight your CRO for attention.

Top CROs and transparency

We’re transparent, with on-request and real-time visibility into your study’s progress.

Sponsors get full insight into study progress and KPIs. Additionally, we’re proactive in evaluating studies for risks – one identified, you’re informed and we’ll come equipped with potential solutions.


Finding a service provider that prioritizes transparency is critical PharPoint strives to be as upfront as possible when it comes to project costs and study assumptions, ensuring sponsors fully understand our pricing model. Unlike many other CROs, we clearly detail assumptions and cost drivers upfront.


Unregulated creep isn’t good for anyone. From the very start, PharPoint’s teams work with sponsors to create a plan on how to handle potential increases in scope – this includes a clear approval process on any changes that may influence pricing or timelines.

And above all else, our team is obsessed with your success – because your success means a healthier future for patients around the world.