6 Techniques to Help You Meet Clinical Trial Enrollment Goals

Globally, more than 80% of trials fail to enroll on time, resulting in study extensions or the addition of new sites.

With the right support, our team equips sites and study teams with the knowledge and resources they need to stay ahead of the enrollment curve. In this article, we’re discussing six approaches that are part of PharPoint’s enrollment toolkit:

  • Data-driven site selection
  • Site-specific recruitment plans
  • Targeted site engagement calls
  • Study-wide investigator calls
  • Supplemental recruitment materials
  • Additional support from advertising and recruitment vendors

Your Clinical Trial Enrollment Toolkit Should Include:

1. Data-Driven Site Selection

Strategic site selection is one of the best tools we have to keep enrollment on track. To predict enrollment and pinpoint high performers, PharPoint leverages a robust database with historical clinical trial information.


2. Site-Specific Recruitment Plans

Some clinical trial sites may benefit from additional support in drawing up a study-specific recruitment plan. PharPoint can partner with sites during study start-up to create a living document that can help focus recruitment efforts on areas that are most effective.


3. Targeted Site Engagement Call

When one specific site is struggling with enrollment, a targeted engagement call allows our team to understand their obstacles and collaboratively create a path forward.


4. Study-Wide Investigator Call

Communication is key! A collaborative, study-wide investigator call allows sites to share best practices and lessons learned. Together, any common challenges or concerns can be addressed.


5. Supplemental Recruitment Materials

Could visual communications and other supplemental recruitment materials benefit a site? PharPoint is capable of providing additional recruitment materials for study sites, including things such as skimmable, visual guides/reminders for site staff.


6. Partnering with Advertising and Recruitment Vendors

For particularly hard-to-recruit indications, a trusted niche partner can develop advertising campaigns and perform subject identification and outreach.

A toolkit is only as effective as the team who uses it.

Clinical Operations Leads (COLs) who have ample clinical trial experience, including monitoring experience, are your key site management contacts at PharPoint. By matching COLs to studies that align with their expertise (and with additional support from clinical project managers who have 20+ years in research), we help sites stay on-track or supplement their enrollment approach, as needed.

For more information about the PharPoint team and how we can help you meet enrollment goals, reach out to our business development team.