What makes database design “smart”?

What makes database design “smart,” and when should a sponsor start thinking about data collection and analysis? PharPoint programmer Michelle Morcos explains.

January 6, 2021
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Key Components for Ensuring Quality Statistical Output

How do our experts produce quality statistical analyses? Proper planning, processes & review are critical.

December 1, 2020
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PharPoint Video Series: Ensuring Quality Statistical Output

At PharPoint, we pride ourselves on producing quality statistical analyses. How are we so confident in the quality of our product? Find out in this video with Senior Manager of Statistical Programming Tracy Pflaumer and Manager of Statistical Programming Amber Urban.

November 9, 2016
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PharPoint Video Series: How and When to Consider a Data Monitoring Committee

Learn more about Data Monitoring Committees in this video by PharPoint Biostatistician Alison Miller, and Senior Director of Consulting Operations Amy Flynt.

October 9, 2016
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