Meet the PharPoint Team: Carson M., Biostatistics Manager

PharPoint Biostatistics Manager, Carson M. is a team player and loves the group mentality to get the job done correctly and on time. 

“Everyone’s trying to get to the same place, Carson says.  That sense of teamwork is continued in his personal life, as he and his wife are expecting twins this April. “I’m excited to grow the family and see how my wife and I manage that.”  

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Carson describes himself as understanding and passionate, two qualities very apparent in his role as Biostatistics Manager.  

“I’m responsible for two direct reports currently, helping out the newer staff and doing my best to keep things moving day to day, he explains. His day-to-day consists of meeting with clients, where he sets and manages deliverable timelines and expectations, and communicating with his team to coordinate a successful product.  

 When asked what his biggest lesson learned while working in the healthcare field was, Carson highlighted the importance of working well together. 

“There’s always someone on the other side, you know?” Carson explains. Everyone’s trying to do their best. Just having patience and working with people in a more collaborative fashion will get you a lot further than trying to do it yourself.”  

This collaborative mentality is one of Carson’s favorite things about working at PharPoint Research.  

“I just find everybody’s personalities to blend well with mine,” he says. Everyone’s very willing to help each other and just kind of take time to talk, if you want to. We stay busy, but I think we have a good group of people.” 

When not managing a team at PharPoint, Carson describes himself as a “nerd for history and science,” and enjoys reading and listening to podcasts about those subjects. Lately, he’s found himself gravitating towards shipwrecks. Those podcasts are usually listened to while hiking and spending time in nature – I think it’s really cool to just kind of explore the world around us.”  

Carson’s journey to PharPoint started at Western Michigan University, where he obtained his bachelor’s in math and became a Teacher’s Assistant to cover his way through a two-year master’s program. 

Upon graduating, he started working at a CRO as a statistical programmer. The COVID-19 pandemic later pushed him to explore other opportunitiesI started looking to try and get more into a biostatistics roleand just wanted to see what else was out there. I had an interview at PharPoint and kind of never looked back.” 


While PharPoint offers services in numerous therapeutic fields, Carson often finds himself in the Oncology space 

“I think oncology is interesting, because it kind of gets a bad rep. It’s a challenging therapeutic area for all kinds of reasons, but I think when you have success in the oncology field, it’s a pretty cool feeling. It’s just such a big thing that impacts so many people, so to be able to help out with it…it’s pretty exciting.”