Supporting Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials

Patient diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in clinical trials is an important focus for both regulatory authorities and other industry stakeholders. Diverse participants in clinical trials can help us understand how treatments work in populations — particularly those who are most impacted by a disease.


A Collaborative, Unified Approach

PharPoint is committed to seeking opportunities for people from all backgrounds, especially those who are typically underrepresented in clinical trials, to participate in and benefit from clinical research. PharPoint strives to promote diversity and equity through our site feasibility and selection processes as well as patient outreach and support services.

We cultivate a unified approach alongside our Sponsors and Sites that promotes a collaborative team focused on the common goal of recruiting and retaining diverse populations that are impacted by the targeted disease.



Some of the ways we support this approach include:

  • Site selection with purpose: Identifying sites nad principal investigators who can help meet trial diversity goals, including the selection of sites in geographical areas with access to target patient populations
  • Tools and technology to improve access: Leveraging tools and technology that can increase accessibility, such as helping Sponsors incorporate home or telehealth options
  • Planning with DEI in mind: Inclusion of DEI topics in the discussion of site-specific recruitment plans, such as ensuring representative populations are shown in patient-facing materials


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About PharPoint

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