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Virtual trials, COVID-19, and the future of the industry

As the FDA continues to develop evolving guidelines, our industry has experienced a sudden, paradigm shift towards hybrid and virtual trials, with telemedicine becoming the “norm” for patient interaction across a variety of therapeutic areas. PharPoint is a strong advocate of this approach as an option to incorporate efficiencies for select indications and is positioned to advise clients as the rest of our industry adapts to this change.

On the forefront of these changes is PharPoint’s new director of clinical operations, Julie Robey. Robey brings over 20 years of drug discovery and development experience to PharPoint Research with extensive experience in infectious disease.

“Even after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, clinical trial participants may grow accustomed to virtual or home health visits, and be hesitant to participate in more traditional, often travel-heavy, study processes to which the industry is accustomed,” Robey states.

“PharPoint has anticipated this shift for some time and is ready to advise sponsors on how to navigate the evolving FDA regulations while effectively moving to remote monitoring, tele-visits, home health visits, ePRO, eCOA, and eSource. These approaches directly speak to PharPoint’s flexibility. We’re able to run virtual trials through our existing procedures while offering a consultative, team-building approach.”


Julie Robey, Director of Clinical Operations at PharPoint Research

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