COVID-19 Clinical Trial Dashboard

PharPoint Research is a nimble, client-focused CRO with extensive experience within infectious disease. Our COVID-19 Dashboard was created as a hub to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, including resources for researchers and innovators navigating COVID-19 clinical trial developments.

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CDC Coronavirus Resources

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Resource Library

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Learn more about PharPoint’s experience, including participation in 280+ infectious disease studies.


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Learn more about PharPoint’s growing COVID-19 study experience.

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Learn more about PharPoint’s ability to leverage virtual and in-home subject visits & remote monitoring capabilities.

Additional Resources

What are PharPoint’s remote study capabilities?

The future of clinical trials after COVID-19

Looking for an experience CRO for your current or upcoming COVID-19 clinical trial?

PharPoint Research is an award-winning, privately owned and US based contract research organization. We’ve supported 900+ clinical trials since 2007 with an exceptional client repeat rate. Our team has extensive infectious disease experience, including experience with coronavirus clinical trials. Additionally, PharPoint’s biometric team supports sponsors with industry-best timelines. We’ve supported 29+ successful regulatory submissions, including submissions for infectious disease indications. To learn more about PharPoint’s team and experience as it relates to your study needs, contact our business development team.