Meet the PharPoint Team: Alyssa L., Lead Data Manager, Data Management

In her role on PharPoint’s data management (DM) team, Alyssa L. works closely with investigative sites, clinical operations, and biostatistics teams to ensure clinical trial data are clean and accurate.

As a Lead Data Manager, Alyssa works very closely with clients, ensuring all DM deliverables are met on time and communication with clients is clear and effective.  “I enjoy working with our clients,” Alyssa shares, “and having that relationship with them.”

Alyssa found herself in the clinical trial space after graduating from Campbell University with a double major in healthcare management and marketing. A family member working in the clinical trial space spoke highly of the industry and how rewarding it can be, and it was enough to spark Alyssa’s interest.

Alyssa reflected on her growth from an entry-level associate new to clinical research, to where she is today.

“When you’re in this type of environment,” she says of joining PharPoint, “there are so many different opportunities.”

Seeking out and taking on those various opportunities – gaining new insight, expertise, and a hard-earned confidence in your abilities along the way – has been instrumental in her growth at PharPoint.

A supportive team has also been important, Alyssa notes. “Everyone goes above and beyond to support one another and to help grow within the work that we do and in our daily lives.”

Of the many different studies and therapeutic areas she’s gained experience within her time at PharPoint, oncology has been Alyssa’s favorite due to both its complexity and a personal connection as, unfortunately, like so many others, she’s had family members with cancer.

“Having that history with my family, I think, opens my eyes and lets me see the bigger picture of it, right?” Alyssa shares. “And I also get to see the back end of it, how this all gets processed, and the way that these drugs get FDA approved and what they go through to get there.”

Outside of work, Alyssa enjoys spending time with her fiancé and their dog while planning for their wedding this December. To decompress from the wedding planning pressure, Alyssa’s answer is to open a good fiction book.

“I’ve read three this week!” Alyssa says. “I’ll read a whole book in two days… and then I’ll read another one.” She laughs.

While being immersed in a book is Alyssa’s favorite thing outside of work,  her favorite thing at PharPoint is the team around her.

“Everyone’s so nice and so supportive, always willing to help,” she says of her PharPoint teammates. “Knowing that support is there when you need it is certainly one of my favorite things.”