Meet the PharPoint Team: Shantyana R., Principal Data Manager, Data Management

For PharPoint Principal Data Manager Shantyana R., a great team and an environment conducive to learning and visibility are some of the key ingredients to an enjoyable workplace.  

These are qualities she’s found in her time here at PharPoint. “I enjoy our team I feel like we have a really cool team,” she shares. “I also love our directors. We can talk to them, they’re real people.”  

She also shares the importance of reporting into an effective manager, the qualities that person should have, and how good managers can help you develop as an employee.  

“A good manager will check in on you but not micromanage you,” Shantyana says. “Once you prove that you can do it, they trust you. That’s one of my favorite things.” 


Experience and time have helped Shantyana determine what matters to her the most in a workplace. At PharPoint, the more intimate size of the company compared to larger contract research organizations (CROs) provides staff with the opportunity to be more than just a number.  

I like that close-knit feeling and being seen in a room for true growth,” she shares, because when you’re seeing people, they also get to see you and what you do.” 

 At PharPoint, Shantyana’s responsibilities include cleaning data by running reports and checking for accuracy, facilitating projects, and meeting with clients. While juggling those responsibilities, she’s also a mother to her daughter.  

 Working within clinical research brings added meaning to her professional life, with the knowledge that her study contributions are playing a role in helping sponsors provide new treatment options to patients whose lives are impacted by disease.  

“With these new treatments, they have options, and we’re helping to treat them and change their way of life. That’s really rewarding,” she shares. 

Both in her professional and personal lives, growth and learning are some of Shantyana’s favorite things.  

“If I’m learning something new, I’m always asking: how can I use it? How does this work?” She highlights maintaining the quality of always being a student, no matter what it is, and shares her current outside-of-work learning activities: researching storms and bird watching.  

I think it’s pretty fun. I’m a little nerd,” she jokes. I love it. 


Starting her clinical career 8 years ago, Shantyana worked the phones for medical information and then moved to a role in clinical safety before applying to an open position at PharPoint for a Data Management role.  

“I heard about this opportunity and thought it translated well with what I was doing with safety. It’s different, but there’s a lot of overlap.” 

“I found my niche in clinical research,” she shares. “I’m very happy that I found PharPoint. I’m not sure if my experience would be the same if I was somewhere else. I’m happy I’m here, and I can see myself here for a while.