Meet the PharPoint Team: Victoria E., Biometrics Project Specialist, Creator and Coach

PharPoint teammate Victoria E. would describe herself as well-rounded and someone who loves to stay busy — and looking at the many different projects she takes on in and outside of work, it’s easy to agree.

Victoria loves baking, including making desserts and breads that are occasionally incorporated into homemade, themed gift baskets for her friends and family. She’s also working towards completing her first quilt, inspired by her great-grandmother, who would hand-sew them. “I’m enjoying keeping that practice alive,” she shared. “You really get into a sort of meditative state.”

In her role at PharPoint as a Biometrics Project Specialist, Victoria’s day-to-day work varies but centers around helping biostatistics and programming teams stay on track with project planning and timeline management.

“I’m managing several projects,” Victoria explained. “I also help with our biostatistics and statistical programming department with document development and programming when needed. I’ll do inputs for proposals. I’m also able to help with interns, which is something I’m really passionate about — helping people grow and develop.”

Victoria’s passion for the internship program stems from firsthand experience. Before transitioning full-time, she interned with PharPoint for about five years.

“I started interning when I was a senior in high school,” Victoria shared, “and interned here all throughout college.”

While finding her place in clinical research during her internship, Victoria had exposure to multiple functions, with stints as a clinical intern, corporate administration intern, and programming intern.

“There’s such a strong drive to develop people here,” Victoria shared of her experience working across the company, “and I love the way PharPoint comes together, as a whole, to get stuff done. It’s just part of the mentality of the company. We have each other’s backs.”

In addition to her role with PharPoint, Victoria is pursuing a Master’s in clinical research and product development at UNCW and expects to graduate in the spring of 2024. Her Master’s thesis is on Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) member training, a topic that closely aligns with some of her work at PharPoint managing DMCs.

During undergraduate, Victoria received her Bachelor of Science while competing in D1 Softball, first at Furman University before transferring to Queen’s University of Charlotte.

She’s continued her love for sport post-graduation as a coach for youth softball players in her free time. “I work with kids as young as six and as old as 15. It helps me destress and leave work at work, which is really nice.”

Tied through all of her interests, Victoria’s passion for supporting people — whether they’re aspiring D1 athletes, coworkers, or clients — shines through.

“I take the time to learn about each indication for every study I support,” said Victoria as she highlighted some recent studies within muscular dystrophy, oncology, and Parkinson’s Disease. “As you’re reading about these diseases, you know you just want to do whatever you can to help patients, to improve quality of life.”