Interning at PharPoint Research

Dedicated to developing careers in the CRO industry

Just as we’ve been passionate about helping clients improve global health, PharPoint has been adamant about offering students who are just as passionate about improving global health as we are the mentorship they need to thrive in the clinical research industry.

PharPoint offers internships across a range of functions, including statistical programming, clinical operations, data management and administrative/operational internships.

Three of PharPoitn’s statistical programming interns, all pursuing degrees in higher education, share their experience at PharPoint:

PharPoint’s company culture

While the culture shifts that come with working from home can be challenging at first, PharPoint has worked to ensure that internship participants are supported.

Our 2020 summer participants spoke highly of the support they have received from their fellow employees at PharPoint, and how invested employees were in the future of the industry.

“My boss has truly been the best I’ve ever had,” says 2020 statistical programming intern Kayla. In her intern experience at PharPoint, she’s found that the support her manager provides her has truly allowed her to take on new skillsets and continue her career growth.

“My boss has truly been the best I’ve ever had.”

Fellow statistical programming intern Michael agreed. “Employees at PharPoint are so helpful, and are able to provide direction when needed.”

While working from home has brought its challenges, it’s also brought new skills to the internship experience.

Participants reported improvement in their programming skills and strengthening their ability to work independently while also collaborating with various departments.