1) We’re flexible and client-focused

If your trial partners are unable to quickly adapt and remain flexible, your program may be in danger of excessive delays and economic losses. PharPoint’s success is in part fueled by our willingness to be flexible in our services and rigid in our standards. We operate under the understanding that all studies and sponsors are different and require unique solutions.

Our CDM team has worked in over 19 EDC systems and is accredited in 2; we can help sponsors choose which system is the best for their specific needs, or work with their preferred vendor.

2) What’s important to you, is important to us

We do what we do because we’re passionate about helping clients improve global health. We commonly hear that smaller sponsors, when working with a big name, globally dominating CRO, feel underappreciated and overlooked. With PharPoint’s attentive, experienced team and industry knowledge, obstacles can be addressed swiftly & transparently.

We have experience with 1 person biotechs, small virtual biotechs, and mid-sized pharma & biotechs – many of whom found it difficult to work with “big box” CROs prior to becoming PharPoint clients.

3) Executive team involvement

At PharPoint Research, expert attention comes standard, no matter the study or sponsor size. With every client, PharPoint ensures there are accessible lines of communication with our senior leadership, and PharPoint’s senior-most leaders, who founded the company in 2007, are still involved in operational oversight and the success of our clients.

Each month, we conduct internal project reviews to ensure our entire project team—including C-level executives—are up to date on study progress.

4) Transparency and insight into progress & processes

As a company that holds honesty and transparency as a core corporate value, PharPoint goes beyond “giving updates.” We offer clients transparent and attentive communication to engage with sponsors in a way that benefits all parties. With consistent, purposeful communication, we’re able to continuously refine study processes, address challenges and concerns, and transparently provide a view of study budgets and timelines.

Starting at the kick-off meeting, we put in place a plan for communication with our clients. Typically, this includes regularly scheduled meetings with both client and project teams.